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2023 Annual Partners Conference

2023 Annual Partners Conference

Come Join Us!

Get your ticktets here!

Get your ticktets here!

Bridging The GAP Since 2012

There has Always been a Gap between the big guys and the little guys, that same Gap exists in the tax industry, and it exists in “both sides” of the industry!


One Side of the Industry...

If your only involvement with the tax industry is paying into it and then filing a tax return at the end of the year then the Gap for you exists between how much you paid in taxes and how much you got back through your tax refund!

The Other Side of the Industry...

If you are already making money from the tax industry as a tax preparer or would like to make money from the tax industry the Gap for you exists in more ways than one but the biggest one is figuring out how to earn the “Big money” like the big guys!

At Gap Tax Services we’ve figured out how to bridge the Gap for the little guy on both sides of the industry!

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